Given out as a gift by Pixar to only the cast and crew of Ratatouille .

Track Listing

  1. Ratatouille Main Theme
  2. Welcome to Gusteau's
  3. This is Me
  4. Humans are Good People
  5. Remy's Secret Life
  6. Wild About Saffron
  7. Granny Get Your Gun
  8. 100-Rat Dash
  9. Wall Rat
  10. A Real Gourmet Kitchen
  11. Souped Up
  12. Going in Seine
  13. A new Deal
  14. Breakfast is Served
  15. Welcome to Hell
  16. Remy and Linguini Make a Deal
  17. Remy Drives a Linguini
  18. That Can't Be Good
  19. Colette Shows Him Le Ropes
  20. Special Order
  21. A Rat of Luxury
  22. Kumpania
  23. Hang Ups
  24. Kiss and Vinegar
  25. Loosing Control
  26. The Paper Chase (Alternate Version)
  27. Ego Finds Linguini
  28. Remy's Revenge
  29. Bad Juju
  30. Abandoning Ship
  31. Dinner Rush
  32. Anyone Can Cook
  33. Remy's Theme
  34. Ratatouille Main Theme (Alternate Arrangement)
  35. Rat From Ipanema
  36. Le Festin

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