Vol. 4 (RC) John Lasseter of Disney*Pixar Talks Toys

Vol. 4 (RC): John Lasseter of Disney*Pixar Talks Toys

Toy Story Collection - Remote Control (RC)00:31

Toy Story Collection - Remote Control (RC)

An RC replica produced by Thinkway Toys was released in fall 2009 as part of the first wave of the "Toy Story Collection" line.


From Thinkway Toys:

  • Highly detailed deluxe film replica from DISNEY/PIXAR’s digital data.
  • RC’s playful personality is revealed with bouncing action, horn honking, free motion eyes, multiple expression and driving sound effects.
  • Move RC forward, in reverse or spin 360° in either direction using the Wireless Remote Control.
  • Independent left and right rear wheel drive for quick, on the spot pivoting.
  • Amazing FOLLOW MODE: Call RC and he’ll detect your location and come to you! (Feature not present in earlier models).
  • Autonomous EXPLORE MODE. Press the Explore button on the remote and RC will cruise around on his own without remote guidance.
  • Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.


  • His Remote Control doesn't have the Turbo Switch.
  • His eyes aren't blue.

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