Psycwave's NSA file.

Psycwave is a character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Psycwave was a founding member of the Phantasmics alongside Everseer and at one point, Gazerbeam. Her superpowers included mental force wave generation, temporary mental paralysis, the ability to possess the bodies of others, psychic foresight, thought control, and telekinesis; her superhero uniform was notable for an atomic insignia. She herself was known for her occasional paranoid tendencies as well as acting as a psychologist under her secret identity, becoming frustrated by her clients' inability to solve their own problems. Psycwave also authored a book titled, "Shut Up! Quieting Your Inner Voice" alongside her fellow psychologist Everseer.

The Operation Kronos database assigned her a threat rating of 1.6, the lowest rating of the Supers displayed. She was killed by the Omnidroid v.X1 during the training sessions for Operation Kronos.