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Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 1 is a DVD compiling Pixar's short film library. The first volume was released on DVD and Blu-ray November 6, 2007 with Ratatouille.[1]

Volume 1

Bonus Features

Easter Eggs

  • From the Audio Options sub-menu in Set Up, press to the right to highlight a hidden American flag. This will play a short animation test created by Bill Reeves and Alain Fournier in 1986 called "Flags and Waves" used to recreate various real world qualities in computer animation.
  • From the Subtitles sub-menu in Set Up, press up twice to reveal a beach chair. This will play a short piece animated by Eben Ostby from 1986 which explores various CG elements with a beach chair.
  • On The Short Films menu, select Boundin' and press down to highlight a hidden Luxo lamp. This will play a Luxo Jr. pencil test.

Volume 2

A German flyer from Disney confirmed that the second collection of Pixar shorts would released in Germany in November 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray,[2] and the United States on November 13, 2012.[3] The confirmed shorts that were included in the Volume 2 as shown by the box cover and other websites are: Presto, Partly Cloudy, Dug's Special Mission, Day & Night, Hawaiian Vacation, and La Luna, as well as six more and some bonus features.[4] High Def Disc News confirmed all of the shorts that were included.[5]


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