The Piston Cup racers that appear in Cars and in Cars 3.

Lightning McQueen

Main article: Lightning McQueen

Main sponsor: Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment

Number: 95

Team includes: Not Chuck (first race); Doc Hudson, Luigi, Guido, Fillmore, Sarge (final race); Mack

Voice: Owen Wilson & Keith Ferguson

Strip Weathers

Main article: Strip Weathers

Main sponsor: Dinoco

Number: 43

Team includes: Luke Pettlework; Rotor Turbosky; Gray; Dinoco Girls

Voice: Richard Petty

Cal Weathers

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Main article: Cal Weathers

Main sponsor: Dinoco

Number: 42

Team includes: Strip Weathers

Voice: Kyle Petty

Chick Hicks

Main article: Chick Hicks

Main sponsor: htb: Hostile Takeover Bank

Number: 86

Team includes: Chief Chick (chief) ; Bruiser Bukowski

Voice: Michael Keaton (Cars), Bob Peterson (Cars 3)

Jackson Storm

Main article: Jackson Storm

Main Sponsor: IGNTR

Number: 20

Team includes: Ray Reverham (crew chief), Gale Beaufort

Voice: Armie Hammer

Cruz Ramirez

Main article: Cruz Ramirez

Main Sponsor: Rust-Eze (2017 Florida 500 Piston Cup race only), Dinoco (official racing sponsor)

Number: 95 (2017 Florida 500 Piston Cup only), 51 (official racing number)

Team includes: Lightning McQueen (crew chief), Smokey (2017 Florida 500 Piston Cup race only), Guido

Voice: Cristela Alonzo

Dale "Junior" Earnhardt Jr.

Main article: Junior

Main sponsor: Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Number: 8

Voice: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Aiken Axler

Main article: Aiken Axler

Number: 28

Main sponsor: Nitroade Hi-Energy Drink

Team includes: Hugo Fast

Claude Scruggs

Main article: Claude Scruggs

Number: 52

Main sponsor: Leak Less Adult Drip Pans: Watch your Wheels

Team includes: Stacy ; Earl Filter

Winford Bradford Rutherford

Main article: Winford Bradford Rutherford

Number: 64

Main sponsor: RPM Nightime Backfire Suppresint

Team includes: "Petrol" Pulaski

Todd Marcus

Main article: Todd Marcus

Number: 123

Main sponsor: No Stall

Team includes: Roman Dunes ; Shirley Spinout

Billy Oilchanger

Main article: Billy Oilchanger

Number: 58

Main sponsor: Octane Gain Turbo Vitamins

Team includes: Dudley Spare

Crusty Rotor

Main article: Crusty Rotor

Number: 76

Main sponsor: Vinyl Toupee: Vinyl Top In a Can

Floyd Mulvihill

Main article: Floyd Mulvihill

Number: 70

Main sponsor: Gasprin Hood Ache Relief

Rusty Cornfuel

Main article: Rusty Cornfuel

Number: 4

Main sponsor: Tow Cap Hitch Protectors

Dirkson D'Agostino

Main article: Dirkson D'Agostino

Number: 34

Main sponsor: Trunk Fresh: Smell ya' later

Darren Leadfoot

Main article: Darren Leadfoot

Number: 82

Main sponsor: Shiny Wax

Team includes: Senior Trax; Nebekenezer Schmidt

Slider Petrolski

Main article: Slider Petrolski

Number: 74

Main sponsor: Sidewall O' Shine

Davey Apex

Main article: Davey Apex

Number: 84

Main sponsor: Re-Volting Rebuilt Alternators

Ernie Gearson

Main article: Ernie Gearson

Number: 93

Main sponsor: Spare Mint

Team includes: Ernest B. Raykes ; Piccolo Perry

Lee Revkins

Main article: Lee Revkins

Main sponsor: Transberry Juice

Number: 63

Manny Flywheel

Main article: Manny Flywheel

Main sponsor: N2O Cola

Number: 68

Team includes: N2O Cola Pitty

Ryan Shields

Main article: Ryan Shields

Main sponsor: View Zeen Corrective Windshields

Number: 39

Murray Clutchburn

Main article: Murray Clutchburn

Main sponsor: Sputter Stop Cold Engine Relief

Number: 92

James Cleanair

Main article: James Cleanair

Main sponsor: Vitoline: For older active cars

Number: 61

Team includes: Vitoline Pitty

Eugene Carbureski

Main article: Eugene Carbureski

Main sponsor: Tank Coat: Soothes upset tanks

Number: 36

Team includes: Jerry Drivechain

Kevin Racingtire

Main article: Kevin Racingtire

Main sponsor: Shifty Drug

Number: 35

Ruby "Easy" Oaks

Main article: Ruby Oaks

Main sponsor: Easy Idle: A Warm Start to a Cold Morning

Number: 51

Johnny Blamer

Main article: Johnny Blamer

Main sponsor: Faux Wheel Drive

Number: 54

Chuck Armstrong

Main article: Chuck Armstrong

Main sponsor: Mood Springs

Number: 33

Brush Curber

Main article: Brush Curber

Main sponsor: Fiber Fuel

Number: 56

Haul Inngas

Main article: Haul Inngas

Main sponsor: Retread Tire Deodorant: Roll On

Number: 79

Ponchy Wipeout

Main article: Ponchy Wipeout

Main sponsor: Bumper $ave

Number: 90

Ralph Carlow

Main article: Ralph Carlow

Main sponsor: Lil' Torquey Pistons

Number: 117

Misti Motorkrass

Main article: Misti Motorkrass

Main sponsor: Carburetor Rev-N-Go Decongestant

Number: 73

Kevin Shiftright

Main article: Kevin Shiftright

Main sponsor: Clutch Aid

Number: 121

Mac iCar

Main article: Mac iCar

Main sponsor: Apple, Inc.

Number: 84

Greg Candyman

Main article: Greg Candyman

Main sponsor: Tach-O-Mint

Number: 101

Sage VanDerSpin

Main article: Sage VanDerSpin

Main sponsor: Creme Filled Gask-its: The Racetrack Treat

Number: 80


  • Two racers bear the number 84: Davey Apex and Mac iCar.
  • Three racers bear the number 51: Doc Hudson, Ruby Oaks, and Cruz Ramirez. All drove in different racing eras, though, so it was never problematic.
  • Misti Motorkrass is the only female racer in the first film.
  • Out of all the racers in the first film, Rusty Cornfuel has the number with the lowest value, 4, while Todd Marcus' number, 123, is the highest.

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