Bob pulling up to the house after work.

In The Incredibles, this house serves as the main residence for the Parr family. It is a mostly beige-colored single-story house with a design similar to architecture built in the early 1960s. It has a flat, brown roof and narrow windows close to the ceiling.

In Jack-Jack Attack, after Kari McKeen's eventful night in babysitting Jack-Jack, the interior of the house is in shambles, with scorch marks everywhere, as a result of Jack-Jack's ability to turn into a fireball and shoot laser beam from his eyes.

At the end of the The Incredibles, Syndrome blasted a hole in the roof of the house for him to make a getaway with Jack-Jack, whom he had intended to make his sidekick. The house was destroyed when the wreckage of Syndrome's manta jet fell onto the house. The Parr's house address is number 440.


The main residents of this house are:


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