A PEZ Cat is a character in Toy Story of Terror!. She is a PEZ dispenser adorned with a gray cat head wearing glasses.

Toy Story of Terror!

The PEZ cat is a toy detained by Ron, the manager of the Sleep Well motel, at the time Bonnie's toys are captured. She appears to have superior eyesight, and as such serves as watcher of Ron when the other toys come to life. She is capable of reading the sale alerts on Ron's computer, and announces which toy they concern.

After all toys finally escape, the PEZ cat reports the arrival of a delivery truck, which the toys use to leave the motel.


  • She is the second PEZ dispenser to appear in a Toy Story medium, the first being Ducky from the original Toy Story. However, Ducky was a mutant PEZ dispenser (with a body from a different toy), while PEZ Cat was a normal dispenser.

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