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Finn Oil Rig Turn

Oil Rig Lemon is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

Oil Rig Lemon was a green Gremlin lemon car who worked for Professor Z and was present on the Oil Rig at the beginning of the film. He was seen chasing Finn McMissile after the latter was discovered hiding on the rig. During the chase, McMissile spouted oil from his rear tail lights, causing the Gremlin to spin out of control. However, as McMissile was able to latch onto a pole to pull himself around a sharp corner, the Gremlin was not. As a result, he fell off the oil rig, plummeting thousands of feet into the water and breaking into many parts, killing him. He, along with Fred Pacer and Rod Redline, are the only Pixar characters to have on-screen deaths.

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