Norma Wilcox is an unseen character in The Incredibles. She is recommended to Mrs. Hogenson by Bob Parr when her claim is denied. Norma works in the same office as Bob.


Bob: "I'd like to help you, but I can't. I'd like to tell you to take a copy of your policy to Norma Wilcox on... Norma Wilcox. W-I-L-C-O-X... on the third floor, but I can't. I also do not advise you to fill out and file a WS2475 form with our legal department on the second floor. I would not expect someone to get back to you quickly to resolve the matter."

Bob: (sticking his head out of his cubicle) "I'm sorry, ma'am! I know you're upset! (whispering) "Now pretend you're upset." 

Mrs. Hogenson: (cries and leaves the office)