Nemo & Friends SeaRider is an upcoming attraction that will replace StormRider in Port Discovery at Tokyo DisneySea on May 12, 2017.


The ride will have a similar system to the original StormRider. Guests will board a fish-shaped submarine and get shrunken down to the size of a typical fish. Dory and Nemo will then guide them as they go on an adventure through the ocean.

The attraction will take place at the Marine Life Institute where scientists have created a substance called "Chidiminium," which can conduct electricity and shrink materials. It is used to safely shrink a fish-shaped submarine with guests inside.

The submarine boasts artificial fish intelligence that allows it to think like a real fish and operate without a pilot. Guests will dive into the sea aboard the fish-submarine and meet marine life such as Dory and Nemo, as well as other marine life. This leads guests on a thrilling sea-filled adventure.

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