Municiberg map

A map of Municiberg and its surroundings

Municiberg is a city in The Incredibles and will feature prominently in Incredibles 2. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl as well as Frozone used to protect it during the Glory Age of Supers.


The Park

Seen in the prologue, this is where Mr. Incredible went when he was distracted when an old woman's cat Squeakers was stuck in a tree while attempting to chase down some criminals in the Incredimobile. In the process, he uproots the tree, causing it to crash down on the criminal's car.

Municiberg Bank

Mr. Incredible crashes into the bank in an effort to save a man who jumped from the top of the building. He then has a face-off with the villain Bomb Voyage, who was in the process of stealing the bank's money.

Train Bridge

This bridge was destroyed by explosives by villain Bomb Voyage, prompting Mr. Incredible to try to prevent the train from falling off the bridge.


This church is where Bob and Helen Parr's wedding is held.