The Mugger made a brief appearance in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

While in Mr. Huph's office, Bob glances out the window and witnesses a mugging taking place in an alleyway. When Bob tells Huph what's happening to the man, his boss replies, "Well, let's hope we don't cover him!". Bob then gets up from his seat and heads towards the door. However, Mr. Huph threatens to fire Bob if he leaves the office. Then, Bob comes back and sees the mugger succeeding at mugging the man, and runs off. Angered that he didn't get to save the man after all and by Huph's disregard for the victim, Bob angrily grabs Mr. Huph by the throat and accidentally throws him through five office walls (also breaking half of the Insuricare logo), leaving Huph hospitalized and in traction. Bob is fired as a result.

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