"Sid, your Pop Tarts are ready!"
—Mrs. Phillips calling Sid down for breakfast.

Mrs. Phillips is a character in Toy Story.


Mrs. Phillips is the wife of Mr. Phillips, and mother of Sid and Hannah Phillips in Toy Story. She is never seen, but her voice is heard in the movie. She is first heard calling Sid downstairs for breakfast after he was burning Woody's head with a magnifying glass. Later, right after Buzz breaks his arm during a failed attempt to try and fly out the window, Hannah walks by asking her mom where her Sally doll is, to which we hear Mrs. Phillips say "What, dear? What was that?" The next time she is heard is when Sid has just received his rocket in the mail (The Big One). As he runs up the stairs, she yells, "Sid, you left that door open!" after Sid yells "Not now, Mom. I'm busy!" Lastly, Sid also asks her where the matches are as he prepares to ignite the rocket that he straps onto Buzz, but finds them himself and tells her "Oh, wait. Here they are. Never mind!"