Mr. potato head toy

Thinkway Toy's Prototype version of Mr. Potato Head

Vol. 7 (Mr

Vol. 7 (Mr. Potato Head) John Lasseter of Disney*Pixar Talks Toys

Vol. 7 (Mr. Potato Head): John Lasseter of Disney*Pixar Talks Toys

Toy Story Mr Potato Head

Toy Story Mr Potato Head

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A Mr. Potato Head replica produced by Thinkway Toys was released in spring 2010 as part of the second wave of the "Toy Story Collection" line to promote the theatrical release of Toy Story 3.


  • Most accurate film replica using Disney/Pixar’s digital data.
  • Has detachable eyes with eyebrows, ears, nose with moustache, mouth, arms and hat.
  • Press his hat for classic Mr. Potato Head banter.
  • When he speaks all of his parts move (including his body).
  • He also reacts to the sound of your voice. Loud noises activate his POP OFF Action: All of his parts come right off (except for his his mouth).
  • Press the button on his back for manual pop off action.
  • Includes 2 sets of eyes and mouths for happy and angry facial expressions.
  • Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Original voice.


  • Mr. Potato Head's eyes are connected.
  • Mr. Potato Head's legs are thicker, longer, and don't come off.
  • Mr. Potato Head doesn't have any extra shoes.
  • Mr Potato Head doesn't have a storage compartment on his back (replaced by batteries).
  • Mr Potato Head's holes are hexagonal not unlike the standard holes which are circular.