In Cars 2

Mei and Satsuki are characters in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"Mei and Satsuki are not identical twins, so don't even ask. Both are sweet and delightful and make it a point to remember your first name when they check you in at the first-class lounge desk. A word to the wise: if you're trying to slip into the lounge without credentials, you'd better go through Mei, the younger one. She's way more lenient."[1]

They make a short appearance when Mater and Finn McMissile go through the airport lounge.

They are most likely modeled after the 1999 Smart forTwo Cabrio.


  • Mei and Satsuki are the second pair of identical cars in the Cars series, with the first being Mia and Tia.
  • Mei and Satsuki are the names of the two main characters in the film My Neighbor Totoro, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who is a close friend of John Lasseter.


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