McQueen Has No Hands! is one of the Studio Stories by Pixar. It is included on the Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales home video. It is narrarated by Rob Gibbs.


While Rob Gibbs was working on the movie, Cars, he was wondering what cars could do besides drive, like "how do they pick up things?" The only thing they had was an antenna, which they thought looked creepy.

One day, he got the script for the scene where Lightning comes back to Radiator Springs and tells Sally that the town is back on the map (which was in the final version). However, it also said that he has to show her a map. This became a problem, because cars don't have hands. They can't open their doors, because that will show their brain.

His first idea was that Lightning had a rolled up map on top of his trunk, then he kicks it off and shows it to Sally. Then he started thinking about what else could happen. His next idea was when he backs up and opens his trunk, and a map unfolds.

Soon, some of the other people were getting involved.

After a while, the ideas were getting weird and crazy.

  • Lightning stands up on his rear wheels, and the map is on his undercarriage.
  • He sticks out his tongue, and the map is on his tongue.
  • His eyes creates a holograph of the world.
  • The map comes out of his tailpipe.
  • A monkey comes out of his window and shows the map.
  • Lightning shows the map to Sally, and asks her to open it and turn to page 4. However, she doesn't have any hands or fingers, so she can't open it, so they just stare at it. 150 years later, they are still there with the map, but dead.

After all that, one of the people says, "Why does he even need to show her a map?" So they decided to have Lightning just tell Sally that the town is back on the map, without actually showing a map.

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