Marlon McKay is a minor character in Cars.


"When you're cornered by a mob of fierce paparazzi, there's none better to call than Marion "Clutches" McKay. A twenty-year service veteran whose time was spent largely as an armored troop carrier, Marion traded in his bulletproof glass to pursue his dream of becoming a Motor Speedway of the South Security Team Leader. He loves nothing better than locking grilles with nosy camera sidecars and personally showing them the exit."[1]

In the film, Marion is seen with other security officers at the Motor Speedway of the South, helping to push cars away as officials try to determine who won in the three-way tie.


  • The Car Finder game refers to him as Marion "Clutches" McKay, while his die-casts refer to him as Marlon "Clutches" McKay.
  • Police cars similar to him appear in exploration mode at Radiator Springs Speedway in Cars Race-O-Rama located near where you find Mack, except without the Piston Cup logo.




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