Appeared in: The Incredibles
Superpower(s): Wind control (Aerokinesis)
Allies: Everseer (Master; teacher)
Enemies: Syndrome
Affiliation: {{{Affiliation}}}

Macroburst was a superhero with the ability to control air currents and create high-velocity winds. They (Macroburst's gender is unknown) was at one point the sidekick of Everseer, before taking on a superhero career of their own. The Operation Kronos database assigned them a threat rating of 5.9. Macroburst was the first Super to score a victory over an Omnidroid, defeating the Omnidroid v.X1 during the training sessions for Operation Kronos. Unfortunately, they were then killed by the successor to the v.X1, the Omnidroid v.X2. It was also said that Macroburst's audio file was incomplete.

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