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Appeared in: WALL•E

7792 MVR•A is a self-acting hovering transportation cart. They are minor characters in the movie WALL•E, and they do not speak at all during the film.


They have yellow front lights, red back lights and small blue LED eyes on their black front screens. There were many MVR•A units in a line at the dock of the Axiom where the probe ship arrived carrying EVE units and WALL•E.

At the beginning of the scene, MVR•A and their clones at the dock are at sleep mode. When GO-4 notices that one of the EVE units has found a plant, MVR•A 6, one of MVR•A's clones, is awakened from its sleep and carries GO-4 and EVE away. When WALL•E realizes that the transport bot carrying EVE is leaving he immediately rushes after it and eventually catches up.

GO-4 and the two SECUR-T units guarding MVR•A 6 seem not to pay any attention to WALL•E as he tries to speak to EVE, who is in sleep mode. While MVR•A 6 arrives at the bridge of Axiom, it doesn't directly take part in the scene on the bridge, and instead hovers motionlessly for most of the scene. It seems either not to understand or not to care about the things happening around it. MVR•A 6 does not appear again in the film after it transports EVE and WALL•E to the Repair Ward and leaves with GO-4.

MVR•A units are not the only cart-like robots on Axiom. There are also the gray ones that deliver trash to Garbage Disposal, as well as smaller green ones.


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