Sesame Street - Light & Heavy

Sesame Street - Light & Heavy

Light and Heavy is an educational short film directed produced by Pixar for Sesame Street featuring the character of Luxo, Jr., originally from the short film Luxo, Jr.. Co-directed by Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, the short built upon the original film, focusing on little Luxo discovering and showcasing a "light" and "heavy" with the help of his dad, Luxo, Sr. The short was included on the Pixar Short Films Collection DVD and Blu-ray.

In the short, Luxo Jr. and his father demonstrate heavy and light with the use of a beach ball and a bowling ball.

Sesame Street producer Arlene Sherman recalled how the shorts came about stating: "With Pixar, I was helping to train their animators for Toy Story. They needed to gear up a lot of people, so the Pixar people and I had a mutual feeling about the show and sensibility, and so I would never know when I was getting another animation. I would approve the storyboards, then I would get these packages in the mail, with these wonderful Luxo Jr. pieces. I've had to work a lot with relationships, and use the good feeling that Sesame Street is promoting. Working as a producer is a real advantage there, because people want to work for the show."[1]

The short, along with "Surprise," won the "Features and Shorts" category at the Computer Animation Competition in London, and won first prize in the Theatrical Category at the 6th International Computer Animation Competition, Images du Future, Montreal.[2]



The bowling ball and beach ball are seen in Andy's room in Toy Story Animated Storybook. They both play a part in the scene where Woody tries to get rid of Buzz. The bowling ball is also similar to the one that falls on Woody at Sid's house in Toy Story.

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