(Left to right) Vladimir Trunkov, Tubbs Pacer, Victor Hugo, J. Curby Gremlin, and Professor Z.

Lemons-Welding Masks

A crowd of Lemons on the triptych poster, including Vladimir Trunkov, J. Curby Gremlin, Tubbs Pacer, and Ivan.

The Lemons are the antagonists of Cars 2. They are made up of four different families based on their models: Gremlins (AMC Gremlin), Pacers (AMC Pacer), Trunkovs (ZAZ Zaporozhets) and the Hugos (Zastava Koral). There is also one Züdapp Janus. Because they are considered ugly and weak cars, the Lemons feel rejected, and reject the world in return. The elite cars are equipped with side machine guns and missile launchers.

Known Lemons


  • Miles Axlerod: The big boss of the Lemons, Land Rover Range Rover
  • Professor Z: The Lemons second-in-command, Zündapp Janus
  • Acer: One of Professor Z's lieutenants
  • Grem: One of Professor Z's lieutenants



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