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Appeared in: Cars

Lee Revkins is a character in Cars.


"Lee Revkins grew up mastering his driving skill on the family farm. He recalls an old, rickety bridge down at the river running through the property where he'd try to "thread the needle across the narrow bridge." Lee credits his nerves of steel to those daredevil runs. These days Lee threads through Piston Cup traffic every Sunday competing with some of the fastest cars in the world!"[1]

Lee races for the team "Transberry Juice."

In the film, he is one of the racers in the Piston Cup race at the Motor Speedway of the South. During the race, he gets hit off the track by Chick Hicks. Before that he was in 1st place.


  • According to Car Finder, Lee is a Axxelo Fission. He also has some resemblance to a Dodge Viper.



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