A LEGO bunny is a character in Toy Story of Terror!. He is a yellow bunny entirely made out of LEGO bricks. His LEGO nature gives him shape-shifting capacities, enabling him to take various forms.

Toy Story of Terror!

The LEGO bunny is one of the toys stolen by Ron the Manager at the time Bonnie's toys are captured. In the toys' plan to escape their prison, the bunny takes the form of a cube to be transported close to the window, where he reconfigures himself as a staircase, so that Combat Carl Jr. can reach the doorknob. Later, when the toys finally escape, he takes the form of a ladder for the toys to climb down.


  • The director of Toy Story of Terror!, Angus MacLane, who is a LEGO enthusiast, has filed a LEGO bunny project on LEGO ideas.

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