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Appeared in: Cars 2
Kimura Kaizo is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"Kimura is an accomplished calligrapher and one of the most precisely tuned SUVs you'll ever meet. It's rumored that he has never made an incorrect call in a sumo match - just another reason why the Japan Sumo Association is lucky to have Kimura-san as one of their top-ranked gyoji referees. He keeps the fight rolling along, calls a wrestler in or out-of-bounds, and when his gunbai war fan points, the winner has been chosen. No questions asked."[1]

Kimura Kaizo is seen at Tokyo, supervising a fight between Pinion Tanaka and Kingpin Nobunaga.

He is modeled after a 2003 Toyota bB.


  • According to his die-cast version, his license plate reads "FSHBWL," the same license plate on Acer, Fred Pacer, Cruz Besouro, Carlo Maserati, Mel Dorado, and other characters.
  • He has something on the side of his right rim to hold the knockout sign.



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