A Jessie replica produced by Thinkway Toys was released in spring 2010 as part of the second wave of the "Toy Story Collection" line.


From Thinkway Toys:

  • Highly detailed film replica created from Disney/Pixar’s digital data.
  • Pull string for “Jessie Toy” phrases and yodeling.
  • Talk to Jessie and she’ll respond with “Andy’s Room Jessie” phrases.
  • Jessie responds to the tone of your voice and knows if you’re shouting or talking softly.
  • BONUS: Horseshoe shaped display stand.
  • Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Original voice.


  • Her braid is too thick.
  • Her waist is bigger than in the movies.
  • Her eyebrows are red instead of brown.

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