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Appeared in: Finding Nemo
For other uses, see Squishy (disambiguation)

The Jellyfish are one of the minor characters in Finding Nemo. Unlike other characters in the film, they do not talk.

Finding Nemo

In Finding Nemo, the jellyfish surround Marlin and Dory when "Squishy" calls for them after Dory annoys him. Marlin and Dory are forced to bounce on the jellyfish to get out of the field of "stingers." Dory gets severely stung by one and passes out, forcing Marlin to retrieve her while also getting stung himself (although he is used to these kinds of stings because he lives on the reef). They are later rescued by Crush and his gang of sea turtles.


Dory: "I shall call him "Squishy" and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy. Come on, little Squishy. (does baby talk, but the jellyfish stings her) Ow!"
Marlin: "Dory! That's a jellyfish!"
Dory: "Bad Squishy! Bad Squishy!"
—Dory, when she encounters "Squishy"


Squishy, as nicknamed by Dory, is a tiny jellyfish Dory encounters after Marlin decides that he and Dory swim over the trench (rather than through it, as previously told by the school of Moonfish). Dory tries to coax "Squishy" into being her "pet" by baby-talking, but it stings her. This makes Dory scold the tiny jellyfish by saying, "Bad Squishy! Bad Squishy!" before Marlin shoos it away with his fin.


  • Unlike real jellyfish, the jellyfish in Finding Nemo sting by electrifying other fish. While real ones poison other fish with a really poisonous toxin with no antidote.


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