Bob and his boss, Mr. Huph at Insuricare.

Insuricare is an insurance company Bob has worked for, but ultimately gets fired from, in The Incredibles. Under the grip of Gilbert Huph, it was not allowed to aid potentially insured customers, although Mr. Incredible usually attempts to help them get around loopholes, which earned him some antagonism from Huph, who did not want to help his customers, although when directly asked about it, he tries to deny it, citing that the law requires him to deny it.


  • The motto for Insuricare is "Your Life is in Our Hands". This is seen briefly on the desk planner of Gilbert Huph's desk where he organizes his pencils in a rectilinear fashion.
  • If the scene where Frozone and Mr. Incredible are reading a newspaper about Gazerbeam's disappearance is freeze-framed, there is a corresponding story where Insuricare is exposed about Gilbert Huph's badgering of Bob Parr to always deny claims to Insuricare subscribers. 
  • Insuricare is mentioned in The Incredibles 2, though not depicted. Helen mentions that Bob spent years working at Insuricare, to which Bob responds he despised every day and did it solely to put food on the table. Bob is later seen later talking to Winston Deavor about his company, DevTech. When Winston says he insures risky ventures, Bob ironcially agrees that Winston is wise to insure (though he does not recommend subscribing to Insuricare, and as such it may be the concept of insurance in general).
  • When Bob peruses Dash's math textbook in The Incredibles 2, he is seen drinking coffee from a coffee mug that has the Insuricare logo.