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Mobile incinerators and their cranes.

Incinerators are colossal machines built by the Buy n Large corporation. They are seen briefly in the movie WALL•E.


Incinerators were used to get rid of the trash in "Operation Cleanup". They are city block-wide sized and move on big tank treads. Each incinerator has a separate crane unit that is able to slice down the trash towers (built by WALL•Es) into digestible sections for the incineration.


The incinerators and their cranes were seen towering over the city buildings when WALL•E was heading home from work. All of the incinerators and their cranes were standing still because they had ceased functioning long ago.


  • The incinerator and the crane are two separate machines that work together.
  • There is a large BNL logo on the hull of each incinerator but the 700-year-old machines are so dirty that it is difficult to detect.
  • Incinerators and their cranes look like a bit similar to Bagger 288 (a giant mining machine) built by German company Krupp. It is possible that Pixar staff was influenced by its appearance when designing the incinerators and their cranes.[1]



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