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Imagination Land is a location in Inside Out inside Riley's mind. Taking the appearance of a theme park with various attractions, it is a place where everything Riley imagines is built by Mind Workers. As such, it encompasses a wild variety of lands.

When Riley turned 11 and moved to San Francisco, the drastic changes in her life caused much of the childish aspect of Imagination Land to be destroyed to make way for newer, less innocent constructions. Imagination Land was also the home of Bing Bong, who is practically the mayor.

Locations Within

  • French Fry Forest: a forest of giant French fries at the gate of Imagination Land.
  • Trophy Town: a place where everyone is a winner. Both Bing Bong and Joy get first place, while Sadness somehow only gets the participation award.
  • Cloud Town: A city where everything, from the houses to the inhabitants are made out of cloud. One can easily take a piece of it and use it to float away. Its ethereal nature also makes its inhabitants very volatile and a gust of wind can easily make them vanish.
  • The House of Cards: a giant castle of cards that is destroyed twice in the film, much to the frustation of the Mind Workers building it.
  • Pre-School World: An important land composed of several attractions, some of which are listed below. It was mostly toppled down following Riley's move to San Francisco.
    • Graham Cracker Castle
    • Sparkle Pony Mountain
    • Teddy Bear Hall of Fame
    • Princess Dream World
  • Imaginary Boyfriend Generator: one of the newest constructions, which can generate different models of "ideal" boys.

Other structures include a living room with a floor made out of hot lava.

Inside Out

Joy and Sadness along with Bing Bong visit Imagination Land in order to reach a Train of Thought station and get back to Headquarters. Joy and Bing Bong enjoy the visit, until they visit Pre-School World and discover that it is being destroyed, which greatly saddens Bing Bong.

Later, Joy visits again Imagination Land as she is trying to catch Sadness. She uses the Imaginary Boyfriend Generator to generate a large amount of a certain boyfriend model that is ready to "die for Riley" and use them to jump back to Headquarters.

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