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Performer: Will Arnett
Appeared in: Ratatouille
"I killed a man with this thumb!"

Horst is a character in Ratatouille.


He is a German sous-chef after Skinner, which means he is second in charge when he isn't around. Before Horst worked at Gusteau's restaurant, he went to prison but changes his story every time you ask him. He says that he defrauded a major corporation, robbed the second largest bank in France using only a ballpoint pen, created an ozone hole over Avignon, and killed a man with his right thumb. He and the other chefs hired Alfredo Linguini as garbage boy without Skinner's permission. Then he joined everybody who tried to kill Remy when he was caught. He next appeared when people asked, "What was new?" He calls the "new" meal "Special Order!" and then joined cheers with Linguini when he took over Gusteau's restaurant. Then when Anton Ego reviewed the restaurant, Horst and the other chefs tried to kill Remy, but Linguini told them to spare the rat. He was the first one to quit his job.

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