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"Guys... order another round, because we're staying here!"
—Hopper to the grasshoppers

Hopper's Hideout, as seen in A Bug's Life, consists of a large sombrero in the middle of the desert where Hopper and his gang of grasshoppers stay every summer. It is run by mosquitoes and is similar to a tropical resort. Apparently, the grasshoppers enjoy it there so much that two of Hopper's gang members (Axel and Loco) try to get Molt to convince Hopper not to leave, which ends disastrously for both of them as Hopper leaves them buried underneath a pile of nuts.


  • It is suggested in the DVD commentary for A Bug's Life that the mosquito family that lives in the sombrero are taken over every summer by Hopper and forced to play along with them.

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