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Appeared in: Toy Story
Space Rangers
"What are you looking at, ya hockey puck?"
Mr. Potato Head

The Hockey Puck is a character from the Toy Story series who only appeared in the original film.

It was seen briefly in Andy's room after Mr. Potato Head showed Hamm his Picasso face. After Mr. Potato Head mockingly asked him what he was looking at, he just shrugged.

It is unknown what happened to Hockey Puck, as he was not seen with the other toys on the moving van, and he also wasn't seen at Andy's new house, inferring that he was either left behind or possibly belonged to Molly. However, in Toy Story 2, a Hockey Puck was seen in the yard sale and was picked up by Al. His fate by the time of Toy Story 3 seems certain that he is gone, be it he was sold, lost, destroyed, or given away.



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