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Harry and friend
Performer: John Lasseter (Harry)
Andrew Stanton (Harry's Pal)
Appeared in: A Bug's Life
Harry's Pal: "No! Harry, no! Don't look at the light!"
Harry: "I can't help it! It's so beautiful!" [Gets electrocuted] "Waaaahooooo-ow!"
—Harry and his bug friend at the time of Harry's death

Harry is a minor character in A Bug's Life. He is a fly who gets attracted to a deadly bug-zapper lantern under the roof of a house and, after touching it, falls to his death into a rusty tin can.


  • Harry was voiced by the film's director, John Lasseter
  • Harry's pal is voiced by Andrew Stanton.
  • He may have been attracted because flies and moths are attracted to light.

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