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Appeared in: Monsters Inc.
Harley P. Gerson was a monster from Monsters, Inc., and an employee at Monsters, Inc. He has orange and yellow skin, with two large feet. He has sharp teeth, a large mouth and no arms. When he was a scarer, he was at the bottom of the Scarer's Leaderboard. He was also seen at Harryhausen's among the panicking public when Boo appeared.


  • The growl that Harley makes in his appearance at Harryhausen's is a sound effect taken from the 1994 video game Tekken when the character King is hit lightly.
  • Harley's last name, Gerson, could be a possible reference to Daniel Gerson.
  • For some reason, Harley Gerson didn't have a Scare Card.


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