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Hank FD
Performer: Ed O'Neill
Appeared in: Finding Dory
For other uses, see Hank (disambiguation)

Hank is a grouchy, but good-hearted octopus in the Pixar film Finding Dory.

Official Bio

"Hank is an octopus. Actually, he’s a ‘septopus:’ he lost a tentacle — along with his sense of humor — somewhere along the way. But Hank is just as competent as his eight-armed peers. An accomplished escape artist with camouflaging capabilities to boot, Hank is the first to greet Dory when she finds herself in the Marine Life Institute. But make no mistake: he’s not looking for a friend. Hank is after one thing — a ticket on a transport truck to a cozy Cleveland facility where he’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful life of solitude."[1]


  • Hank made a cameo in The Good Dinosaur.
  • The reason Hank only has seven tentacles is because his body and tentacle models were developed separately. When they tried to attach eight of them to his body, they found that only seven fit, hence his missing limb.



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