Hand-in-the-Box Appearance

The hand appears on top of Sid's house in Toy Story 3: The Video Game.

Hand-in-the-box is a supporting character in Toy Story. Hand-in-the-box is one of Sid Phillips' mutant toys; the result of a cross between a green monster hand stuck on the spring of a jack-in-the-box. Hand-in-the-box resides on the floor of Sid's room, usually near his bed.

Toy Story

In Toy Story, Hand-in-the-box is first seen when Woody is exploring Sid's room after him and Buzz Lightyear are seemingly trapped there. They are shocked by the appearance of Sid's mutilated toys, with Hand-in-the-box first appearing as a simple jack-in-the-box, but startles Woody with its true presence.

After the mutant toys discover a broken Buzz Lightyear, Hand-in-the-box and Sid's other toys swarm him and fix him, as they had previously done with Janie and Pterodactyl.

When Woody is trapped in Sid's room by Scud, he formulates a plan to save Buzz from Sid, Hand-in-the-box is held by Rockmobile, who mounts Babyface. Hand-in-the-box then extends his hand out to a doorknob so that he is ready to open the door when the signal comes. After Ducky rings the doorbell, Hand-in-the-box twists the knob to open the door, allowing the Frog to speed out of Sid's room for Scud to chase after. Hand-in-the-box, held by Rockmobile riding Roller Bob, serves as a connection to Jingle Joe for transportation as Woody and the mutant toys escape to Sid's backyard. As all the mutant toys surround Sid, Hand-in-the-box grabs on to Sid's ankle to scare him. After Woody finally scares Sid out of his senses, Hand-in-the-box is seen giving a thumbs-up sign as the mutant toys and Woody celebrate their victory.

Toy Story Treats

Hand-in-the-box is a reoccurring character in the Toy Story Treats shorts. His first appearance is in Checkers, where Woody and him are passing time playing checkers in Andy's room. In Rex at Play, he strikes up a friendship with Rex, whom he's seen playing with. In Waiting in Line, the Squeeze Toy Aliens enjoy being flung across the room by Hand-in-the-box's spring, while Rex timidly waits for his turn in line.



Real life animated monster hand bowl

  • Hand-in-the-box's hand seems to be taken from a Halloween-themed animated monster hand bowl.
  • Its spring is the reused model of Slinky dog's spring, while its hand is a modified model of Woody's - upscaled with green warts added.
  • He makes a cameo appearance in Toy Story 3: The Video Game. The appearance isn't in the box, but the hand appears severed, on top of Sid's haunted house.