Héctor Rivera is Miguel's great-great grandfather from the movie Coco, as well as Mama Coco's father. In the film, it is revealed that he had written Ernesto De La Cruz's songs. However, he was homesick, and after an argument, was poisoned by Cruz, and he stole credit for Héctor's songs. As he was being forgotten by Mama Coco, he needs help from Miguel to put his photo on the altar in order to be remembered, and also helps Miguel to escape the Land of the Dead. Héctor is mischievous and loves to play tricks, but he also has a well-disposed and warm-hearted nature.


Hector is first seen disguised in an attempt to go through the marigold bridge, even making up an accent to do so. However, this backfires when he is denied access to the bridge, and after revealing himself, Hector makes a run for it, but sinks through the marigold petals and is taken away by security guards.

Later, he is interrogated by a guard for his actions, and unsuccessfully tries to convince him to take him across the bridge, and, as Miguel overhears, says he knows Ernesto De La Cruz and can get him tickets to Cruz's Sunrise Spectacular if he lets him across the bridge. Miguel asks Hector as he's walking out if he knows Cruz, and Hector is shocked to see that he's alive, before being pulled into a closet. Miguel explains that in order to get back to the Land Of The Living, he need's Cruz's blessing, while also saying the Cruz is his great-great grandfather. With this information, Hector says he and Miguel can help each other, but both up on the run from Miguel's ancestors.

After they are out of sight, Hector disguises Miguel like a skeleton to blend in. Hector says he can get Miguel to meet Cruz, but wants Miguel to put up his photo in the Land Of The Living in return. Hector wants to know if Miguel has any other family members that can get him home, but Miguel claims only Cruz can help him do so, and thus Hector joins him.


Coco- Remember me Flashback scene

Coco- Remember me Flashback scene

Hector's original version of Remember Me in a flashback.