SpeciesRoyal Gramma
HomeSouth Pacific Ocean
(formerly Pet Palace)
Quote(s)"The ocean?! Ahh! He hasn't been decontaminated yet!"
Behind the scenes
PerformerAustin Pendleton
AppearancesFinding Nemo
Finding Dory

Gurgle appears in Finding Nemo. He was bought by the dentist from "Pet Palace."


Gurgle is a royal gramma fish that resides in the dentist's office fish tank. He is a germophobic and incredibly pessimistic, doubting the possibility of Gill's plans working and getting increasingly nervous and frustrated when the plan to break the tank filter goes into motion. Regardless, he eventually escapes with the rest of the tank fish into the ocean.


  • The model for Gurgle was reused for the fish in Boundin'.
  • Gurgle wasn't referred to by name in the film. His name was given in promotional material of the film, however.
  • When the fish start bashing the AquaScum 2003 for foiling their escape plan before Dr. Sherman scoops Nemo out of the tank, Gurgle appears to hate the Aquascum the most, with him swimming up to it and yelling, "CURSE YOU, AQUASCUM!!!"
    • Ironically, after Gurgle yelled, "CURSE YOU, AQUASCUM!!!", his wish that the AquaScum filter would break down came true at the end of the movie when he and the rest of the Tank Gang escaped to freedom.


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