Gilbert Huph (also known as "Mr. Huph") is one of the minor antagonists in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Mr. Huph is the diminutive, short (both in height and temper), and insensitive CEO of Insuricare and Bob's boss.

He is always annoyed that Bob keeps authorizing insurance policies to different clients, and reprimands him for "writing checks to every Harry Hardluck and Sally Sobstory that gives him a phone call". Soon, Mr. Huph calls Bob to his office to lecture him about his conflicting ideals. Bob then sees a man being mugged through the window, and tries to alert Mr. Huph to the man being mugged, but when Huph sees that the man is getting mugged, he non-chalantly remarks that he hopes that he isn't insured. Bob tries to go and save him, but Huph threatens to fire him if he leaves his office. Bob then sees the mugger running away and succeeding. Mr. Huph then tries to tell Bob that he was close to losing his job, but Bob (enraged that he failed to save a citizen for the first time) brutally grabs him by the throat and throws him through several walls.

Huph is then hospitalized, in traction, and possibly mind-wiped by Agent Rick Dicker. Luckily for Mr. Huph, he survives and tells Rick that Bob is, in fact, fired.

It is unknown what becomes of Mr. Huph after The Incredibles, but he most likely recovered from his injuries and returned to work.


Mr. Huph is cold, cruel, greedy, selfish, and self-centered. As the boss of an insurance company, he is more focused on gaining more money than providing customers with the insurance they need. He always seems to have an excuse for getting angry, and only cares about money. He also implies that his methods of denying insurance, in addition to being unethical, were also illegal, as when Bob Parr is called into his office and accuses him of not wanting to help customers, Mr. Huph says, "The law requires that I answer 'no.'"

He has no concern for anybody's well-being other than his own, as shown when he stopped Bob from helping a man begging mugged with the threat of being fired. He is obsessed with bureaucracy, furious when customers use loopholes to circumvent various technically legit methods of denying them claims of insurance. However, he was ultimately forced to admit this when calling Bob to his office, and questioned about whether Bob's actions were illegal when they were ultimately legal.


  • Mr. Huph's obvious disdain from helping his clients is in stark contrast to his voice actor, Wallace Shawn, who apart from being a playwright has studied economics and political science and knows full well of the dangers of extreme capitalism. Shawn makes an appearance in Capitalism: A Love Story, directed by his good friend Michael Moore, and with Moore discusses this subject.
    • Wallace Shawn also voiced Rex in the Toy Story franchise.
  • On the "October 2005 WDW Pin Releases" website, there is a pin called "Boss's 2005 Day", where Bob is in Mr. Huph's office giving a present to his boss (whose arm is in a sling, presumably after the freak accident he had in the movie) for Boss's Day 2005. The words said "Bob Parr is presenting a gift to Mr. Huph for Boss's Day 2005. Remember your boss in 2005 with this unique Limited Edition pin featuring characters from The Incredibles. Boss's Day is celebrated every October 16. The pin was designed by Disney Design Group Artist Bret Melvin".
  • One of his lines, about a Walker policy, is a refrence to Producer John Walker.


Mr. Huph: "PAAAARR!? (Bob gets startled and stands up) You authorized payment on the Walker policy?!"
Bob: "Someone broke into their house, Mr. Huph. Their policy clearly covers them against--"
Mr. Huph: "I-- I-- I-- I don't wanna know about their coverage, Bob! Don't tell me about their coverage! Tell me how you're keeping Insuricare in the black! Tell me how that's possible, with you writing checks to every Harry Hardluck and Sally Sobstory THAT GIVES YOU A PHONE CALL! (storms out of Bob's office in a huff)"
Voice: "Morning break is over. Morning break is over."
(Bob's pencils fall off his desk to the floor)

—Mr. Huph, angered that Bob authorized payment on the Walker policy

Mr. Huph: "Sit down, Bob."
(Bob sits down, knocking one of Mr. Huph's pencils out of place on the calendar; Mr. Huph fixes the pencil to get back in line with the other pencils)
Mr. Huph: "I'm not happy, Bob. *Not...* happy."
(Mr. Huph glares at Bob as he gets out of his seat)
Mr. Huph: "Ask me why."
Bob: "Okay. Why?"
Mr. Huph: "'Why' what? Be specific, Bob."
Bob: "Why are you unhappy?"
Mr. Huph: "Your customers make me unhappy."
Bob: "What, you've gotten complaints?"
Mr. Huph: "Complaints I can handle. What I *can't* handle is your customers' inexplicable knowledge of Insuricare's inner workings! They're experts! EXPERTS, Bob! Exploiting every loophole, dodging every obstacle! They're penetrating the bureaucracy!"
Bob: "Did I do something illegal?"
Mr. Huph (begrudgingly): "No."
Bob: "Are you saying we *shouldn't* help our customers?"
Mr. Huph: "(sighs) The law *requires* that I answer 'no.'"
Bob: "We're supposed to help people!"
Mr. Huph: "We're supposed to help OUR people! Starting with our stockholders, Bob! Who's helping them out, huh?! (sighs and regains composure) You know, Bob... a company..."
Bob: "Is like an enormous clock."
Mr. Huph: "...Is like an enormous cl-- (realizes Bob said it) Yes! Precisely! It only works if all the little cogs *mesh* together. Now, a clock needs to be clean, well-lubricated, and wound tight. The best clocks have jewel movements, cogs that fit, that cooperate by design. (chuckles) I'm being metaphorical, Bob. You know what I mean by cooperative cogs?"
(Bob turns and sees a man being mugged by another man through the window)
Mr. Huph: "Bob? Bob?"
(Mr. Huph grabs Bob by the chin and pulls him toward him)
Mr. Huph: "Look at me when I'm talking to you, Parr!"
Bob: "That man out there, he needs help!"
Mr. Huph: "Do not change the subject, Bob! We're discussing your attitude!
Bob (points to the man who is being mugged): "He is getting mugged!"
Mr. Huph: "Well, let's hope we don't cover him!"
Bob (gets up out of his seat and heads for the door): "I'll be right back."
Mr. Huph: "Stop right now, OR YOU'RE FIRED!"
(Bob stops; Mr. Huph grins evilly)
Mr. Huph: "Close the door."
(Bob reluctantly closes the door)
Mr. Huph: "Get over here, now."
(Bob lets go of the door knob, now crushed out of shape, and walks over to Mr. Huph)
Mr. Huph: "I'm not happy, Bob. Not happy."
(Bob sees the mugger getting away and glares)
Bob: "He got away."
Mr. Huph: "Good thing, too. Heh! You were this close to losing your j--LAAAGH!"
(Bob angrily grabs Mr. Huph by the throat and throws him through 5 office walls; everyone stares at Bob in shock)
Bob: "Uh oh."
—Bob injuring Mr. Huph in a rage when he threatens to fire him for stopping a mugger.