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Performer: Bob Peterson
Appeared in: Geri's Game

Geri is an aging codger who is somewhat well-known in the Pixar universe.

Geri's Game

He is the star in the short film Geri's Game in which he enjoys a game of chess while playing with himself as if he were two different people; he puts on a pair of glasses on one side and takes them off on another. The prize for beating himself: his own dentures, which he would have inevitably acquired no matter how he won. Late in the game, one of his personalities (glasses) is losing badly, so he fakes a heart attack and switches the board around when the other personality (non-glasses) isn't looking.


  • Geri did not have any actual dialogue in Geri's Game, but his voice was provided by Bob Peterson.
  • Geri makes a cameo as The Cleaner in Toy Story 2.
  • The color separations, print design and film for the Geri's Game posters were provided by Alpha DigiGraphics in Novato, California, with the printing done by Uno Printing of Novato.[citation needed]

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