Gamma Jack's NSA file.

Gamma Jack (A.K.A. Handsome Jack) was a superhero in The Incredibles.


Gamma Jack's superpower was the ability to create controlled bursts of radiation, from focused burns to complete disintegration.


Easily recognized by his wave-like hairstyle, he was a favorite of the ladies (his original name being Handsome Jack) and was prone to megalomaniacal impulses, believing Supers to be a "superior race." He chose to save attractive women over and above other innocents and had a particular issue with "killing" female supervillains he was attracted to, but always ended up doing so anyway. These impulses and traits caused the NSA great concern, putting him under close "A Level" monitoring as a result. He was also a picky eater.

The Incredibles

The Operation Kronos database assigned him a threat rating of 7.9, the third highest after Mr. Incredible (9.1) and Meta Man (9.6). Gamma Jack did manage to destroy the fifth version of the Omnidroid during the training sessions for Operation Kronos, but he was promptly killed by its successor model, the Omnidroid 6.


  • It appears as though the NSA were deeply concerned that Gamma Jack would have ended up becoming a supervillain, due to his unstable and malicious nature (possibly becoming the first Super to do so).
  • Given his photo, Gamma Jack wears a cape, however he's one of the few heroes whose fate is not the result of his cape being responsible for his death.