The Galloping Geargrinder, or the Old Model T (as referred to by John Lasseter[1]), is a minor character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"The Galloping Geargrinder has been riding the rails of Carburetor County since the 1930s. The Geargrinder was light on the tracks and extra efficient at running the mail into little towns like Radiator Springs. But by the 1950s, the delivery work dried up as the semitrucks began using the new straight-line highway that bypassed the old, curving train route. Other Geargrinders ended up at amusement parks and tourist traps, but old GG prefers to continue chugging along his original line—and to keep Mater from trespassing in the tunnels!"[2]

He only appears in the beginning of the film when Mater and Lightning are riding on the railroad tracks at Radiator Springs. He is seen passing by imitating a train in a tunnel, which scares them away.


  • The Galloping Geargrinder is modeled after a 1935 Rio Grande Galloping Goose.[2] This model also seems to be based on a Ford Model T.
  • Many people thought that he was just Lizzie tricking Lightning McQueen and Mater.



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