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Performer: Angus MacLane
Appeared in: Small Fry

Funky Monk is one of the discarded fun meal toys in Small Fry. He is a monk with glasses and a gold chain around his neck which says FM, referring to his name, Funky Monk.

Toy Description

"Spiritual mentor to Rappin' Robin and Lil' Juan, Funky Monk always keeps it real and on the down low. Be it a rap battle between his boys and Producer P John or hooking up a guest-spot on the next MC Maid Marion single, Funky Monk has got your back. See Funky Monk in the CGI animated film 'Rappin' Robin in the Hood 3D', only in theaters."[1]


  • "Wassup?"


  1. Toy Story Toons "Small Fry" - Character Bios

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