Frosty pose
Performer: Mark Winterbottom
Appeared in: Cars 2 (Australian version)
CARS 2 - Meet Australia's Frosty - Disney Pixar - Mark Winterbottom - Only at the Movies June 2300:41

CARS 2 - Meet Australia's Frosty - Disney Pixar - Mark Winterbottom - Only at the Movies June 23

Frosty in Cars 2

Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom is a character that appears in the Australian version of Cars 2. He is a race car that Lightning McQueen meets at the World Grand Prix welcome party.

Cars 2

"Frosty is the fastest race car Down Under, proudly sporting the Australian flag. This Aussie hero is as fast on the road as he is on the dirt tracks of the Australian outback. The highlight of his career so far was showing off his speed to international audiences and racing with the world elite at the World Grand Prix."[1]


  • He is based on, named after and voiced by Australian V8 Supercar driver Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom. His paint job includes the map and flag of Australia.
  • Frosty replaces Jeff Gorvette the time of one scene in the Australian version, which is part of a localization of the movie in several countries.[2]
  • Frosty has the same car body as Max Schnell.



Lewis Hamilton: "Hey, McQueen! Over here!
Lightning McQueen: "Lewis!"
Lewis Hamilton: "Hey, man."
Lightning McQueen: "Frosty!"
Frosty: "Hey, Lightning! Can you believe this party?"
Lightning McQueen meets him and Lewis Hamilton at the party in Tokyo.

Frosty: "Check out that tow truck."
Lewis Hamilton: "Man, I wonder who that guy's with."
Lightning McQueen: "Ah... Will you guys excuse me just for one little second?"
—He notices Mater talking to Zen Master.


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