Frostbite is an antagonist in The Good Dinosaur. He is a Ludodactylus and a member of Thunderclap's gang.

The Good Dinosaur

Frostbite is first seen flying above Arlo with the rest of his team. Arlo immediately calls them for help. Thunderclap, Coldfront and Downpour head down to him, but he and Windgust stay behind in the sky and aren't seen chasing Arlo and Spot, even after they are saved by the two t-rexs, Nash and Ramsey. Frostbite was then seen with the others when they attack Arlo once again while he and Spot weir on the mountain and kidnap Spot, before heading back in the storm. Later as the young Apatosaur comes to the rescue, he sees that Spot is in danger as the five pterodactyls fight over getting him out of the tree trunk. While Frostbite along with Windgust argue, they don't notice Arlo rushing over to his friend's aid. Until he and Windgust are knocked into the river, where the two of them are soon carried helplessly downstream to an unknown fate.

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