Francois is a minor character in Ratatouille.


Francois is Skinner's Malaysian artist. He isn't completely conceived a villain, but he does help Skinner with using Gusteau's name to get people to buy Skinner's frozen foods like "Barbecue Ribs", "Corn Puppies" and "Haggis Bites" and "Burritos". It is known that he may be a very close friend of Skinner as Skinner says "Excellent work Francois as usual" meaning they've known each other for a long time. The last time Francois appears in the movie is when he leaves to prepare Skinner advertisements for a new frozen food product; Gusteau's Corn Puppies but as a joke he does not understand what corn dogs are or mean, evident when he asks Skinner himself what they are and then when proposing a sketch for Skinner's cardboard cutouts; he draws an image of a dog inside a corn on the cob outfit.

It remains unknown what has happened to Francois because the Corn Puppies product never was sold due to the frozen food corporation being defunct by order of Gusteau's true owner Alfredo Linguini who was opposed to such a commercial use of Gusteau's name. 

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