Fironic is a character mentioned in The Incredibles and seen in Incredibles 2

The Incredibles

Near the end of the first film, a woman mistook Syndrome (who had just saved her and others from being crushed by a tanker truck which the Omnidroid v.10 had thrown at them) for Fironic, but another woman says that Fironic has a different outfit, and then Syndrome introduces himself before throwing the truck over him and making it explode.

Incredibles 2

We get the first appearance of Fironic as he and Gazerbeam had personal connections with the father of Winston Deavor and Evelyn Deavor, before they were cut off when superheroes were illegalized.


  • Fironic appears in LEGO The Incredibles as a playable character, being given his first ever visual appearance.
  • It is possible that the name is a wordplay, combining the words "ironic" and "fire".