The Finding Dory soundtrack was composed by Thomas Newman. It was released on June 17, 2016.

Track listing

All songs were written and composed by Thomas Newman unless otherwise indicated.

  1. Kelpcake
  2. Finding Dory (Main Title)
  3. Lost at Sea
  4. One Year Later
  5. Migration Song
  6. "O, We're Going Home"
  7. Jewel of Morro Bay
  8. Gnarly Chop
  9. Squid Chase
  10. Sigourney Weaver
  11. Hank
  12. Nobody's Fine
  13. Rebecca Darling
  14. Meet Destiny
  15. Joker at Work
  16. Becky Flies
  17. Hands!
  18. Almost Home
  19. Open Ocean
  20. Two Lefts and a Right
  21. Everything About You
  22. Quarantine
  23. Warp
  24. All Alone
  25. …Shells
  26. No Walls
  27. Okay with Crazy
  28. Hide and Seek
  29. Quite a View
  30. UnforgettableSia
  31. Three Hearts (End Title)
  32. Loon Tune
  33. Fish Who Wander
  34. Release


  • In the movie (not on the soundtrack):
    • The unknown country song by the unknown performer is briefly heard inside the truck before the orchestra is interrupted when Hank covers the windshield.
    • The song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong is heard when the truck is releasing all the fish headed to Cleveland, Ohio.

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