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Full credits for Finding Dory.

Directed by

Co-Directed by

Produced by

Executive Producer

Associate Producer

Original Story by

Story by

Screenplay by

Music by

Story Supervisor

Film Editor

Production Designer

Supervising Technical Director

Production Manager

Supervising Animators

Directors of Photography

Character Art Director

Sets Art Director

Character Supervisor

Sets Supervisor

Effects Supervisor

Rendering Supervisor

Global Technology & Simulation Supervisor

New Technology Integration Supervisor

Crowds & Additional Animation Supervisor

Crowds Technical Supervisor

Sound Designer

Casting by



Animation Managers

Directing Animators

Animation Fix Lead

Character Development & Animation

Aron Hatfield Tsung-Yin Hsieh
Steven Clay Hunter Nancy Kato
Erick Oh Tim Pixton
Stefan Schumacher Becki Tower
Jean-Claude Tran Quang Thieu Ricky Wight
Kureha Yokoo


Eric Anderson Kevin Andrus
Brendan Beesley Sequoia Blankenship
Shad Bradbury James W. Brown
Adam Burke Shaun Chacko
Guillaume Chartier Michael Chia-Wei Chen
Andrew Coats Brett Coderre
Carolina Lopez Dau Paul Diaz
Lance Fite Joey Gilbreath
Andrew Gordon Tomoyuki Harashima
Mark C. Harris Travis Hathaway
Neil Helm Patty Kihm
Ken Kim Shawn Krause
Bruce Kuei John Chun Chiu Lee
Wendell Lee Holger Leihe
Matt Majers Victor Navone
Dan Nguyen Kevin O'Hara
Bret Parker Bobby Podesta
Jayson Price Adam Rodriguez
Manuel Zenon Rodriguez Jaime Roe
K.C. Roeyer Ben Rush
Allison Rutland Gini Cruz Santos
Michael Sauls Brett Schulz
Tal Shwarzman Terry Youngkil Song
Mike Stern Matthew Strangio
Benjamin Po An Su Rob Duquette Thompson
David Torres Priscila De B. Vertamatti
Nathan Wall Alon Winterstein
Tom Zach Ron Zorman

Crowds & Additional Animators

Michael Bidinger Jane Snow Cassidy
Joshua Dai Graham Finley
Belen Gil-Palacios Richard Gunzer
Catherine Hicks Jordi Onate Isal
Rob Jensen Montaque Ruffin
Sikand Srinivas Anthony Ho Wong

Fix Animation

Isabela Bradley Regina Donovan
Andrew Gonzalez Charles Larrieu
Luis Carlos Uribe
Animation Tools Lead Bret Parker

Animation Shot Support

Daniel Campbell June Foster
Robert Gibbs Todd R. Krish

Additional Animation Management

Animation Coordinators

Animation Technical Coordinator

Animation Fix Coordinator

Animation Production Assistant

Post Production Sound

Post Production Sound Services by
Skywalker Sound
A Lucas Digital Ltd. Company, Marin County, California


  • Written by Irving Gordon
  • Performed by Sia Produced, Orchestrated & Conducted by Oliver Kraus
  • Vocals Recorded by Jesse Shatkin
  • Recording Engineer Chris Steffen
  • Mixed by Brad Haehnel

"What A Wonderful World"

  • Written by Robert Thiele & George David Weiss
  • Performed by Louis Armstrong
  • Courtesy of Verve Music Group
  • under license from Universal Music Enterprises

Production Babies

Special Thanks

Pixar Senior Creative Team

Pixar Production Senior Managers

  • Lourdes Marquez Alba
  • Gillian Libbert-Duncan
  • Andrew Beall
  • Eben Ostby
  • Pamela J. Choy
  • Sally Garnaromo
  • Susan Tatsuno
  • Nancy Howard
  • Jnni Tsoi

Pixar Senior Technology Team

Pixar Senior Leadership Team

This film is dedicated to all our families - of every kind. You keep us swimming.

Animated with PRESTO Animation System

Rendered with RenderMan®

Original Soundtrack available on

Sound Created in Dolby Atmos™
Cat Chinning on a Pole poster © Studio One Products, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

For the purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom,
Pixar was the owner of copyright in this motion picture
immediately after it was made.

Distributed by

Created and Produced at
Emeryville, CALIFORNIA

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