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Appeared in: Toy Story 3
"What are you looking at, Feathers?"
Mr. Tortilla Head to the pigeon who lands next to him

Feathers (as he's called by Mr. Tortilla Head) makes a brief appearance in Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3

While Mr. Potato Head (who is using a tortilla for his body) hugs a window, he encounters Feathers the pigeon, who lands next to him. As Mr. Tortilla Head asks the bird why he's staring at him, the pigeon starts to peck at and bite Mr. Tortilla Head's body repeatedly until Mr. Tortilla Head manages to shoo Feathers away. However, the tortilla is severely damaged in the attack as it falls apart after the pigeon flies away.


  • Feathers also appears in the Toy Story 3 video game (PSP version) in the background.
  • Mr. Tortilla Head's line: "What are you looking at, Feathers?" recalls a line said by the same character (in his original potato body) at the beginning of the first Toy Story: "What are you looking at, ya Hockey Puck?"
  • It is unknown what Feathers was doing up and about at that time of night in Toy Story 3, as pigeons would naturally be asleep in their nests. It's possible he was aroused by the noise.

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